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Nut Tree Airport, Vacaville, Californien (USA)   from Gerhard Schmid / translated by Stefan Gatzke

Deutsch Dieser Bericht in Deutscher Sprache

Vacaville is situated around 32mi east of SanFrancisco. When you follow the Interstate 80 from San Francisco on the way to Sacramento or further through the beautiful landscape around Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada, Vacaville lies directly on your route. The Nut Tree Airport is not very big, but there are a lot of interesting planes to take a look at. From Aercoupe, Beech-18 and Lockheed Lodestar up to Warbirds as the Vultee BT-13 and P51D-Mustang - there is no lack of rare aircrafts here. This is not very astonishing when you know that Chapter 1230, a local group of the famous EAA - the Experimental Aircraft Association, is based here. And if you are lucky enough you will meet Duncan Miller. His collection of aircrafts and cars is divided onto several hangars. If he invites you to his "living room" inside of one of the hangars then you should take your time to have a good look through all the pictures, newspaper arcticles and notes on the walls. You'll discover a "Who is Who" of aviation history like e.g Chuck Yeager or Bob Hoover and many more.

If you are interested in any sightseeing flights from Nut Tree Airport please send us an Email - we will forward you request to our californian friends.
If you are looking for more informations please have a look at www.solanopilots.com.

Nut Tree Airport Arrival at Nut Tree Airport - just coming back from the EAA Fly In at Marysville.
Team Infront of one of Duncan's two T-28: the dreamteam Dave Aronson, Gerhard Schmid, Duncan Miller, Frauke Feser and Jan Peters.
Team Just made it, David... With two aircraft, David's Citabria (shown in the picture) and a Piper Archer we have been to Marysville.
T-28 What a huge plane...a T-28 is really quite a big aircraft and this one is in an excellent condition.
Duncan's Hangar Duncan Miller, a passionate collector of old aircrafts and cars, fills a few hangars at Nut Tree Airport with some really excellent exhibits...
Hudson This is a Lockheed PV-2. Unfortunately this late version of the "Hudson" equipped with two R-2800 (the same enginges as the F4U Corsair) is not able to fly any more. Duncan owns two of these aircraft.
Okie Dokie The C-47 "Okie Dokie" is no longer flyable but it is the only completely original aircraft of this type that still exists.
Hudson The nose art on the PV-2. This aircraft type was used as a bomber and torpedo bomber manned with a crew of up to seven people.
C-47 The interiour remains untouched - since this aircraft was taken oot of service and was taken over by Duncan Miller.
Stearman You have never been flying in an open Boeing Stearman Biplane over California? Then
what are you waiting for...
C-47 Cockpit Start-up check! No, unfortunately Duncan`s C-47 won`t fly any more. Nevertheless one can pretend to...on the controls Jan and Frauke from www.airrace.de 
Stearman Bill Decker lifts off with you in his beautifully restored Stearman and if you wish he will even do some aerobatics  - just for that feeling in your stomach... 
Duncan's Hangar Round the corner in a hangar is Duncan`s Stinson AT-19. 500 of them were built during World War 2 and 480 have been borrowed to Great Britain. Only one of them came back to the USA and this one is  Duncan`s. 
You are planning to visit the Nut Tree Airport on you next trip to Califonia? If you are interested in a sightseeing flight, just send us an Email - we are pleased to help you.



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